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Chrysoula Gizani
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Chris Gizani

“The project work at IMI (Integrated Mountain Initiative) during our stay in India the last week of October was for me an incredible experience from many aspects.

First of all, I had the chance to meet excellent and very dedicated persons, which have a common target! What? To make people of India proud of their Mountains!

Successful and experienced professionals joined forces on a voluntary basis and created a platform, in order to bring people together and to improve quality of life.

What a great approach!

For that reason, we, a small team from BSH and from different countries (Cornelia, Luuk, Shankar, Chrysoula), joined also forces to support and to contribute as much as possible in that regard - for one week!

Our focus was the communication strategy of the organization and taking into consideration the existing values and the core principles of IMI, we tried to identify some needs and to propose some ideas which will help IMI to develop further and to become a reliable and strong partner for all stakeholders.

It was a great experience for me, coming from Greece, to feel such a great hospitality and feeling like home! I took with me a lot of learnings!

Don’t be afraid to fail, be open to change perspective, collaborate, inspire and be inspired! – are some of them. I will definitely try to integrate in my life those learnings, being very grateful for this once in the life opportunity”


With my best regards from Greece,

(A member of BSH Entrepreneurship Expedition 2018 attached to IMI during October 2018)
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Bosch Siemens Greece