The Sikkim Well-Being of Generation Bill 2017.

The Sikkim Wellbeing of Generations Bill 2017
The Sikkim Wellbeing of Generations Bill 2017

Sikkim has been leading the green agenda with the planning and implementation of several of its policies- such as Sikkim Ecology Fund and Environment Cess Act, 2005, Sikkim Non Biodegradable Garbage (Control) Act, 1997, The Sikkim Private and Other Non Forest Lands, Tree Felling Rules, 2006 and so on. However, consequences of climate change such an increase in vector borne diseases, disaster risk leading , climate induced migration and poverty etc. have not been addressed in spite of having a State Action Plan on Climate Change. While strategies like the State Action Plan on Climate Change are already in existence, this legislation is aimed to ensure implementation, reporting and feedback mechanism for such policies.

Given this background, during the meetings with Experts (WWF, ELDF, PHFI, CAM, Economists) a consensus was drawn that a Climate Change Act would not be able to service the several consequences that emerge from Climate Change. Therefore, a broader development framework such as Sustainable Development Goals can be referred to, to develop an integrated development-planning framework. The Sikkim Well-Being of Generations Bill 2017 is a consequence of the same. The bill in its current form focuses on ecological, economic and social balance.

The introduction of the bill refers to integration of environmental, social and economic dimensions and equitable conservation and efficient use of natural resources; and environmental well-being.