Strengthening Institutional Capacities for Sustainable Mountain Development.

The Food and Agriculture Organization

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and the Integrated Mountain Initiative (IMI) are working together to enhance its outreach capability across the Indian Himalayan Region through establishment of Sustainable Development Forums under “Strengthening Institutional Capacities for Sustainable Mountain Development in the Indian Himalayan Region”. The project further seeks to strengthen institutional capacity of existing entities within states, engage with multiple stakeholders to help develop state-specific action plans to increase and improve provision of goods and services from agriculture and allied sectors. The project date extends from 26th October to 31st July, 2018.

The IMI-FAO study has been launched to document the state of affairs of the Himalayan farmers. The multidimensional issues Himalayan farmers are facing w.r.t. their farming based livelihoods, be it economic viability of household farming constrained by family demography influenced shrinking farm lands of households, the evolution of agriculture population, as such, leading to changed needs from farming and the scales. Lastly, the ecological changes mountain agro-ecosystems are experiencing, have their impact on changes and very survival of the farming cultures of areas / sub regions of the Himalayan region, in the present times.

  • Improved and effective collaboration, networking and sharing amongst legislators; grassroots workers, civil society, and various other stakeholders of mountain states.
  • Identification of pilot projects for up scaling in respective mountain states in the future to ensure sustainability of the TCP;
  • Research and Policy briefs and reports on agriculture and allied sectors;
  • State of Mountain Report on Agriculture and allied sectors that highlight the current scenario of these sectors in the mountain states of the IHR;
  • Interim report and Final report detailing the current status and achievements of the project respectively.